So after an all too brief six days of play on the floor and in the air we showed around 30 minutes of material to a very friendly audience of venues, programmers and some of our scientific collaborators today. I can't believe we made so much in such a short time - of course not all of it will be kept for the future but the finished show is only going to be 60 minutes. Very encouraging. As was the great response we had to the work - I think it was a bit abstract for some people, but we didn't have our sound designer - the wonderful Filipe Gomes - around to really establish the narrative through the soundscape (which will be a big part of the finished piece) and we really focused on finding the physical vocabularies rather than exploring the narrative and the characters (which again will be crucial to the show but lets not run before we can walk). And our amazing photographer Richard Davenport came in and took some shots of it - which with the help of literally two expertly placed lights (thanks Will) and Kate's gorgeous (and very finished looking) costumes will look rather lovely I think. And in true Metta style baby Noah joined us for the post-show discussion which meant that somewhat without thinking I spent most of it fielding complex scientific questions whilst breastfeeding. Classic.