Last night our costume Designer Kate Lane cooked us an amazing vegan feast and we had a debrief of the R&D showing and process so far. Kate also has a (not so) little one and we had Noah with us so what with kids and getting stuck into the feast itself we didn't get down to the de-brief part til 10pm-ish. Lots of exciting ideas for moving forwards - Filipe the Sound Designer has got some brilliant ideas about putting wireless contact speakers inside the copper pots that (as predicted) have become a huge feature of the show, essentially turning each one into its own resonating generator of sound. And so when the mouths of the pots were turned towards the audience the sounds would be louder. Really exciting and something to explore next month when we hope to have another R&D day. The big debate of the day was how to incorporate the scientific content in voiceover form as to be clear and convey the science 'story' of the piece without becoming either a lecture or a distraction from the complexity and richness of the visual narrative. Tricky. I don't think we've solved it yet but now I have to go away and write up an updated narrative and sound-script structure, and I'm sure that will throw up a whole load more questions. But what with the business part of the evening starting so late, before we knew it the clock was almost striking 12 and so we had to dash for last buses and tubes.