We are the V&A Opera Company in Residence, along with Oliver Brignall, Oct 17 - Mar 18.

Meet five of opera's best-loved female characters, including Salome, Bess and Susanna, thrust together at a fantasy dinner party. Expect power struggles, questionable table manners and a serving of severed head.

This new opera from Librettist Poppy Burton-Morgan and Composer Oliver Brignall is presented by Metta Theatre.




Susanna | Danae Eleni / Raphaela Papadakis

Poppea | Marta Fontanals Simmons

Salomé | Philippa Boyle

Katerina | Catrin Woodruff

Bess | Gweneth Ann Jeffers


Librettist | Poppy Burton-Morgan

Composer | Oliver Brignall

Director | Poppy Burton-Morgan

Co-Director | Robin Norton-Hale

Designer | William Reynolds

Costume Designer for Susanna | Ryan Dawson Laight

Costumer Designer for Poppea | Gabriella Slade

Costume Designer for Salomé | Jean Chan

Costume Designer for Katerina | Loren Elstein

Costume Designer for Bess | Georgia De Grey


Performance Dates


Susanna - Saturday 21st - Sunday 29th October - 11am, 1pm and 3pm

Poppea - Friday 10th November

Salome - Friday 19th  January - 7pm, 8pm and 9pm


V&A, Tapestry Galleries

Full Show - March 23rd - 7pm