Old Red's Cupboard (Bush Bazaar)

In a world where stories aren’t valued any more, Old Red is a story-collector, saving stories for future generations in the cupboard at the back of her kitchen. Kept in jars, she gives them as gifts to those few who still value the power of stories to transport us. But a jar has tipped over, and a story has escaped onto the crockery-shelf below, where it’ll be told to anyone who values a good tale…

An installation as part of Theatre Delicatessen’s Bush Bazaar in association with the Bush.

This summer Theatre Delicatessen is unearthing a new and wondrous world at the Bush Theatre; the world of Bush Bazaar, where market traders rub shoulders with fortune tellers, stock brokers and white-coated doctors in a fantastical environment where anything could happen.

We invite you, challenge you, to enter this world, inhabited by an eclectic array of performers who have taken over the space and are selling their wares. It is up to you whose performance gets your cash. As you roam the building you will decide what each piece is worth and pay your way however you want to – by haggling, bartering, begging or stealing.


Bush Theatre





Old Red | Janet Greaves


Director | Poppy Burton-Morgan
Designer | William Reynolds