Cold Front

A New British Musical

Rosemary and James. Every month the same park bench. The same sandwiches made by her mother. The same manual tasks to keep the park in order. As the seasons change an unlikely romance blossoms.

An intimate new musical from award winning composer Jason Carr and librettist Poppy Burton-Morgan. Starring Anna Franco- lini (Strictly Ballroom, West End; Wonder.Land National Theatre) and Connor Bannister (All Or Nothing, Ambassadors).

Music & Lyrics | Jason Carr

Book & Lyrics | Poppy Burton-Morgan

Director | Poppy Burton-Morgan 

Musical Director | Jason Carr

Workshop Reading

The Menier Chocolate Factory

4pm Friday 3 August 2019

51-53 Southwark Street



Rosemary | Anna Francolini 

James | Connor Bannister

Running Time 65 minutes