Blood Wedding

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Blood Wedding | Southwark Playhouse

‘The whole set-up is terrifically relaxing… It’s all spirited and hugely likeable, particularly a number of blood-chillingly beautiful laments that contrast elegantly with the joyful wedding songs.’ - Time Out

★★★★  ‘the hard-working cast (doubling up on roles and providing the music) imbue Lorca’s lines with an impressively casual chattiness; and the perplexing, surreal third act is helped by resonances of Caribbean folk tales… strong performances make this a relevant and powerful production.’ - Siobhan Murphy in Metro

★★★★ ‘Strong Performances and a lively use of the audience add a visceral power to Poppy Burton-Morgan’s Caribbean-British production of Lorca’s sybolist family tragedy.’ - Metro, Critic’s Choice

‘a text pared down to its passionate, primeval core, connects the violence of the play and its context with contemporary Britain…Director Poppy Burton-Morgan transports the action from rural Spain to a Caribbean black community and in doing so makes the tragedy compelling and immediate.’ - Barbara Lewis in The Stage

‘being part of the celebrations makes it impossible not to feel engaged when it all falls apart… strong performances throughout.’ - David Trennery in Arts Hub

‘Their energetic, imaginative show captures the symbolism of the original without pretension or at the expense of emotional truth…haunting and unforgettable… Metta Theatre certainly know how to capture and keep an audience’. - Katty Pearce in Fringe Review