Lahcen missed his flight last night ('If we don't arrive today, we'll arrive tomorrow' is ringing in my ears) though he managed to get an early flight this morning. But frustratingly to Marrkech, so we will have to stay another day and night and Casa, while he catches the train here. I have been making thank you cards for the various people who help and host us along the way so with this extra time I decide to make cards for Tahir's children too and in the spirit of the trip inside each card I write a story. Inspired by the Moroccan stories I Have read and heard so far I give each one a moral and then agonise over whether one is too sad for a 9 year old and the other too simple for a 12 year old. Lahcen arrives for a fleeting visit - but time enough to charm Tahir and his children. Then after a quick glass of wine he's off to spend the evening with his parents.