After some amazing croissants (we could be in Paris - Rabat is much more European than the Morroco we've seen further south) we wander round the old town - the Medina and the blue and white-washed Kasbah. After lunch we meet up with Said again who has organised an introduction to Mohamed Benhsain, the Director of the National Theatre, who gives us a tour round the building. He seems really interested in the show and before we know it we're already talking about co-producing! He also tells us of a story-telling Festival in Beni-Mellal that they co-produce with - we know a bit about it already because we've already planned to meet with the festival organiser Fatima Zahra on the 13th. Turns out they are great friends.

In the evening we manage to see the Peter Brook 'Flute', thanks to the  Alex's lovely girlfriend, who offers to babysit. An offer she probably regrets now as Noah cried the whole time he was with her. On the plus side it was an abridged 90 minute version of the show, so it could have been worse. It's a deceptively simple staging, a stunning design and the symbolism has a huge impact on Lahcen. We're still discussing the production late into the night.