Today we started the interview process for WELL. We're talking to a whole range of scientists, development economists and specialists in arsenic and the contamination of groundwater. Our main scientific collaborator and partner on the project is the eminent and lovely Professor Stuart Reynolds who is in fact Will's dad, and has been teaching students at Bath Uni about the problems of arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh for the last 10 years. What a coincidence! In fact it was Stuart who sparked our interest in the project in the first place. So we whipped out our fancy new microphone and began - sat round the kitchen table - exploiting nap time to avoid additional comments from our 9 month old baby. As a seasoned lecturer of over 35 years Stuart is wonderfully eloquent - and dare I say it - poetic speaker and I'm really excited about incorporating the recordings into the eventual soundscape and musical score for the full production. And baby Noah stayed asleep for the duration!