Photo: Time to pack up and head to the V&A

I am already a professional stage manager but I felt I needed to gain more experience in my field within particular parts of the industry. So I got in touch with Metta Theatre company to shadow their Stage Manager. I hadn't worked on a puppet or a circus show before and Metta Theatre are known for both - and the timing of my email was serendipitous as they were in the middle of mounting a UK tour of their puppet adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.

I spent one week helping out on ALICE and the first day of rehearsal was mesmerising, I felt like a child again. They didn't just have puppets ready made but they formed puppets during the play which was magical along with the music.

I helped with most stage management duties and felt like part of the team, they were warm and welcoming. I enjoyed watching the process throughout the week and watching the work ethics of another SM.

Every director has their own way of working and Poppy is open to suggestion and has a comfortable working environment. She knew exactly what she wanted and everyone was on the same page and delivered.

I thank Metta Theatre for allowing me into their bubble and am hugely grateful to be offered a paid role - when I join them as Stage Manager for the R&D of their exciting circus theatre JUNGLE BOOK in June - looking forward to gaining yet again more experience (and maybe learning a bit of circus too!)

Sylvia Darkwa-Ohemeng