by Poppy

Today Will and I had a meeting with the technical team at Sadlers Wells to talk about the tech requirements for the concert performances in January, particularly all the video projection which always requires a huge amount of tech time. It’s such a delight working with a well-resourced building like Sadlers where the staff are so knowledgeable and keen to make things work. Also honest – it turns out there may be lots of little extra costs which some venues would just whack on at the end of a settlement but the guys at Sadlers made a real point of telling us about them all. Then we had a look round the space and started thinking about the logistics of wheelchair access for several large wheelchairs – they normally only have two seats available – but that problem was easily solved by agreeing to take half of the back row out to make space. Really excited about getting in there, though not for a while admittedly, as it’s such a great and well equipped (though still intimate) space.