Free Hip Hop Workshops

Aged 17-25?

Love hip hop? 

Like free stuff? 


With everything from House, to Waacking - join us for some fast paced fun and great vibes in this FREE 90 minute hip-hop dance class . Learn routines from Metta's hip-hop musical In The Willows, choreographed by Kendra J Horsburgh (Bird Gang, Zoo Nation, Boudicca). Led by one of the country's leading hip hop dance teachers Sheila Attah (Bird Gang) this is a dance class for everyone - beginners welcome.


Registration opens on September 1st - go to Google Form to sign up for the class nearest to you. 



Exeter, Exeter College - October 4th 2018, 6pm

Coming Soon:

Oxford - 15 September 

Portsmouth - 5 October

Malvern - 6 October