monkey & crocodile

By Poppy Burton-Morgan

uk tour

jun 22 – jul 21 2013 & nov 1 2013

show details

uk tour 2013

Greenwich+Docklands International Festival
22 – 23 June

Belmont Park, Exeter in associated with the Bike Shed Theatre
26–28 June

Heartlands, Redruth
29 – 30 June

Haydon’s Road Recreation Ground, in association with Polka Theatre
4-5 July

Marsh Court Play Area in association with Polka Theatre
6 – 7 July

International Youth Arts Festival, Kingston upon Thames
13 July

Bath City Farm, in association with the Egg Theatre
18 – 21 July

Wardown Park in association with Luton Hat Factory
1 Nov


Enter the playground forest, and share an apple with friendly Monkey and her new best mate Crocodile. But all is not what it seems and clever Monkey must keep her wits about her if she is to escape the clutches of Crocodile’s mean Mother.




Metta Theatre bring this old Indian fable of friendship and betrayal magically to life in local playgrounds. Fun for all the family this charming show features aerial circus, acrobatics, juggling, skateboarding, live music and over one hundred apples!

Suitable for ages 3+



Winner of a Circus Space LAB:time award. Supported by PRS for Music Foundation, Arts Council England, Royal Victoria Hall Foundation, Feast, English Touring Theatre & Theatre Rites.



Director | Poppy Burton-Morgan
Composer | Jessica Dannheisser
Aerial Choreograhper | Layla Rosa
Costume Designer | Kate Lane

Photography (July R&D) | Jane Hobson
Photography (January R&D)
| Catriona Gray



Monkey | Rosie Rowlands
Crocodile | Phillip Whiteman
Crocodile’s Mother | Shirley Darroch

Monkey/Crocodile’s Mother (July R&D) | Rosie Rowlands
Crocodile (July R&D) | Phillip Whiteman

Monkey/Crocodile’s Wife ( January R&D) | Lucie Lepoivre
Crocodile (January R&D) | Zoot Lynam


‘utterly irresistible …an enchanting mix of music, circus skills, story-telling and apples…brilliant physicality…genuinely touching. You’d have to be a right old grumpy crocodile not to leave with a smile on your face.’
★★★★ Stewart Pringle in Exeunt

Audience Feedback from a work-in-progress showing at Riverside Studios January 18th 2012

‘Charming, inventive and brave.’ Sue Buckmaster, Artistic Director of Theatre-Rites.

‘Lovely story, very interestingly told.’

‘Sweet and funny. I loved how active it was.’

‘It had a lovely feel to it – friendly, fun, charming.’

‘It was really awesome. I loved the use of the circus in making the monkey and creating the crocodile in different ways, and I thought the tone was accessible and fun and warm… really fun for kids. How awesome!’

‘Bold, charming, formally innovative, totally unique. Love to see it finished.’